Water is one of our most natural resources. Without it, there would be no life on earth. The lifestyle we have become accustomed to depend heavily upon having plenty of cheap, clean water available as well as an inexpensive, safe way to dispose of it after use.

The supply of water available for our use is limited by nature. Although there is plenty of water on earth, it is not always in the right place, at the right time and in the increasing evidence that chemical wastes improperly discarded yesterday are showing up in our water supplies today.

Today, we faces record consumption, uncertain supplies, and growing demands for protection from flooding and pollution. The health and economic effects of a shortage of clean water are matters of great concern.

Hydrology has evolved as a science in response to the need to understand the complex water system of the earth and help solve water problems. Hydrologists play a vital role in finding solutions to water problems, and interesting and challenging careers are available to those who choose to study hydrology.  (More from Hydrology)

bulletHydrology Links


bulletFluids Resources


bulletHydrology and Hydraulic Information


bulletIrrigation Information


bulletFree Hydrology Software


bulletHydrology - Universities Council on Water Resources
Beginner's guide explains exactly what hydrology is, and offers sections on groundwater, agriculture, flood control, and careers.

bulletAction Hydrology Software
Find contaminant hydrology and hydrogeology modeling tools for water quality and environmental specialists. See free groundwater model demos.

bulletBritish Hydrological Society
Features event announcements, a downloadable membership form, a list of publications and information about careers in hydrology.


bulletSSG - Hydrology Software
Highlights products by Action Hydrology Software including SLAEM/MLAEM, SOLUTRANS and TWODAN. Check out the demos.


bulletJournal of Hydrology
Browse tables of contents, abstracts, subscription information or author and subject indices.


bulletHydrology Web
Explore links to research organizations, publications, technical databases, special projects, universities and a discussion forum.


bulletInstitute of Hydrology
Examine the mission statement, and read descriptions of the center's flood, drought and soil research. Located in Oxfordshire, England.


bulletNational Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
Federal institute monitors meteorological and water conditions and pollution counts. Find current data, an organizational chart, and bulletins.


bulletCentre for Ecology & Hydrology
British environmental research organization uses statistical science to further the fields of ecology, environmental biology, and hydrology.


bulletAntarctica - Stream Hydrology Maps
Collection of maps shows the valleys, streams and other land features of Antarctica.


bulletHydrology & Hydraulics Software
Water resources engineering shareware, freeware and demo applications, downloadable via ftp.


bulletOffice of Hydrology
Serves as the primary link between the NWS and the hydrologic field service programs. Forecasts rivers and flood warnings.


bulletHydrology Web
Comprehensive resource on hydrology with useful links, research and program information.


bulletGlobal Hydrology and Climate Center
Examine Huntsville, Alabama, research into the global water cycle and its effect on climate. Access the GH Resource Center data.


bulletMetEd Met Links: On-line Tutorials-Hydrology
Hydrology Making a River Forecast This details the process a river forecast center (RFC) uses to make a river forecast. Radar-based Precipitation Estimates Developed at Texas A&M.


bulletNHD Training Materials
The NHD Tutorial Series Introduction to the NHD Tutorials: Welcome to the National Hydrography Dataset Tutorial Series. Each tutorial provides students with the opportunity to actively learn about and use NHD data. 


bulletVirtual Geography Department: GIS: Tutorials
Geographic Information Systems: Tutorials Some tutorials already online include: Beginners Guide to GIS (Tutorial) produced by the USGS. Queen's University at Belfast has two tutorials, one a general introduction.


bulletGIS Application in Hydrology
Articles, case studies and online tutorials in the application of GIS in hydrology. With the widespread availability of global and regional datasets, GIS has become a powerful tool in delineating watersheds, analyzing runoff and other applications.


bulletEarth Science Pages: Hydrology
Hydrology Datasync > Home Page > Earth Science > Hydrology What's New! Visit the WWW Virtual Library: Paleoclimatology and Paleoceanography Academic Institutions Duke Univ. Cntr. for Hydrologic Sci. Integrated Water Management.


Tutorials and Labs for the Environmental Physical Science Major 1. Hydrology Labs a. Lab 1 - Excel Tutorial (follow this tutorial as a first step to understanding spreadsheets) b. Lab 2 - Stream Gaging c. Lab 3 - Slope


bulletUpdate of the National Engineering Handbook - Hydrology
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bulletRemote Sensing links
ESRG Pages Journals, Tutorials and Papers Remote Sensing Geology/Hydrology GRASS GIS Data Sources Journals etc Geostats and Misc More Links Remote Sensing Remote Sensing Remote Sensing Home Research Courses Conferences Resources People Extracts.


bulletCenter for Spatial Technologies and Remote Sensing
Features project descriptions, a list of publications, staff email addresses and tutorials. Located at the University of California, Davis.


bulletTraining material in meteorology and operational hydrology available through Internet - Education and Training Programm
Training material in meteorology and operational hydrology available through InternetMeteorologyUSA Today "How the weather works" : graphics and texts that examine various weather phenomena (winds, thunderstorms, tornadoes,...

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