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bulletFree CFD Software
bulletFree Downloads
bulletFluid Dynamics
bulletSelected Codes
bulletSelected Codes
bulletGeneral Numerical Methods
bulletCommercial CFD Packages

CFDLab v2.1.1
Learn CFD techniques
02-15-01 5 Stars Win9x, NT, or 2000 304
Software Inventory for Windows v1.4
Maintain your software records
01-23-98 5 Stars Win3.1 6,087
Software Manager v6.0
Install and remove software
08-02-96 Not Rated Win3.x 7,668
Software Distribution System v3.0
Install and upgrade software on networks
04-01-98 Not Rated Win95, 98, or NT 1,486
Software Master Database v1.0
Organize all your software
04-24-98 3 Stars Win95 712
Software Inventory 97 Standard Edition v2.0
Keep detailed software records
10-29-97 3 Stars Win95 1,998
Software Inventory 97 Pro Edition v2.0
Keep detailed software records
10-01-97 3 Stars Win95 1,316
Software Tracker v2.2
Keep track of your software collection
11-07-00 5 Stars Win95 or Win98 2,260
Software Check v3.50
A software auditor
09-22-97 4 Stars Win3.1 5,875
Software's Vendor Assistant v2.0.0.38
Manage your software vending
01-17-01 4 Stars Win9x, NT, 2000, or Me 106
Software Book for Windows v5.0
Maintain a log of all your software
07-07-98 4 Stars Win3.1 6,369
SoftWare Collector v2.4
Track software library
02-29-96 3 Stars DOS 479
Software Inventory 97 Enterprise Edition vrelease2
Keep company software record
10-09-97 3 Stars Win95 866
Software Safe (Jaytown)
Encrypt important files
02-03-99 4 Stars Win95, 98, or NT 1,231
PrimaSoft Software Organizer Deluxe v1.4
Organize your software collection
09-12-00 5 Stars Win95, 98, or NT 8,349
PrimaSoft Software Organizer (32-bit) v3.6
Keep track of your software
12-23-98 5 Stars Win95, 98, or NT 3,667
9Lives v1.07
Install, uninstall software safely
10-26-99 5 Stars Win95 or Win98 2,676
AE Software Catalogue v1.4
Build a database of your software
08-13-98 2 Stars Win95 444
Y2K Software Audit v1.08
Scan files for year 2000 readiness
10-21-98 3 Stars Win95, 98, or NT 10,072
PrimaSoft Software Organizer (16-bit) v2.1
Organize your software
11-11-97 4 Stars Win3.1 610
Software Sales Tracker
Track shareware sales
02-29-96 2 Stars Win3.x 76
Strategic Software v1.0
Read about software development
04-18-00 4 Stars Win95, 98, or NT 434
Gini's Software Manager
Organize your software
05-14-99 1 Star Win3.1 171
TrackDesk v1.1
Track software customers
10-06-99 5 Stars Win95, 98, or NT 458
Windows Software Pack (Dealer's Pack) v1.0
Check your Windows speed
12-10-97 4 Stars Win3.11 2,456
Armadillo Software Protection v1.60a
Authors, protect software from pirates

Free CFD Software

bulletFree and Low-Cost CFD Software
Free and Low-Cost Software for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

bulletCFD codes list - free software
CFD codes list - free software UIFlow Foil 1.0.2 PPM -- Piecewise Parabolic Method (DE and LR versions) General Relativity NCSA group (black hole evolution) NACA airfoils College of Marine Studies (sci.geo.fluids models) Ocean models (MOM, POM, POP,

bulletFlow Science Software - Flow-3D
FLOW-3D is a general purpose CFD software package capable of simulating a wide variety of fluid flows.

bulletFree Share Trading @
Real-Time Share and Indices trading (CFD) in UK, European and US stock. No Commission, No tax, INSTANT trade execution. FREE trading software includes real-time news, charting and backoffice evaluations.
bulletUseful WWW Servers for CFD-Related Codes
Useful CFD Sites CFD Online FAST Home Page Unsteady Flow Analysis Toolkit (UFAT) EPIC (EPCC Interactive Courseware) NCSA CFD-RuG CFD used in River and Hydropower Engineering CFD-Stilling Basil Model Study CFD-Cranfield University -UK NASA Thesaurus

bulletWelcome to CFX - The Fluid Approach to CFD Business Solutions
The CFX group of AEA Technology Engineering Software provides computational fluid dynamic (CFD) software and services.

bulletSoftware, Tech Report Resources
Software, Manuals etc.. The JAVA Homepage The JAVA Programming Language Inferno from AT&T The Benchmark Gateway Perfect Benchmarks PVM: A User's Guide and Tutorial PVM Home Page MPI - The Complete Reference MPI Standard LAM-MPI Networke

bulletFree or Low Cost Yacht Design Software : the Boat Design and Boatbuilding Directory
Free or Low Cost Yacht Design Software


Fluid Dynamics

bulletThe MechEng Software Archive   
bulletCFD Codes List  
bulletDownloadable Software, Aerodynamics and Design  This page contains various programs that may prove useful to my design class students, and other aerodynamics and design students. These are mostly old-fashioned codes without graphical user interfaces. See the software review page for commercial codes with modern user interfaces. In some cases I have now added links to sites located elsewhere, where key codes are available. Some other useful online Java-based programs are available at
bulletSoftware for Dynamic Simulation of Fluid Power Systems  A list of software packages for dynamic simulation of hydraulic and pneumatic fluid power systems, and for general dynamic system modelling and simulation.
bulletCFD Test Code Archive  

General Numerical Software

bulletFDRL Projects Summary of FDRL developed or supported software.  Visualization Codes.  



bulletOpenDX   OpenDX gives you new control over your data...and new insights into their meaning. Yet OpenDX is easy to use because it lets you visualize data in ways you've never dreamed of--without getting bogged down in the technology.
bulletFlow Analysis Software Toolkit (FAST)  FAST is a software environment for analyzing data from numerical simulations. Though somewhat tailored towards CFD visualisation, this package can be used to visualize any scalar and vector data that can be mapped to a Plot3d or Unstructured grid. The package includes tools for such things as calculating user defined scalar and vector quantities from the original data, generating surfaces, particle traces, and isosurfaces as well as determining topological features of vector fields. FAST won NASA's 1995 Software of the Year Award!
bulletVisualization Codes at MIT  At MIT, in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, there has been a long term effort in the research and generation of graphics and scientific visualization software. Like their predecessor GRAFIC, Visual2, Visual3 and pV3 are software packages aimed at aiding in the analysis of a particular suite of problems. They were designed for Computational Fluid Dynamics but are more general. Each deals with a programmer defined suite of scalar and vector fields.

The following products are available:
bulletVisual2 is a two dimensional, unsteady, CFD visualization software system for many workstations. This package is no longer under development.
bulletVisual3 is a three dimensional, unsteady, CFD visualization software system for many workstations with 3D graphics hardware. There is support for both structured and unstructured gridding.
bulletpV3 is a three dimensional, distributed, unsteady, unstructured, CFD visualization software system for supercomputers, parallel machines and clusters of workstations.

bulletVU  VU is a configurable visualization software tool for the display and analysis of numerical solutions. It is used for exploring and interpreting results from simulation programs or experimental measurements. Based on a dictionary and a grammar common to researchers of various domains, it finds applications in fluid mechanics, civil engineering, applied mathematics, manufacturing, injection molding, combustion, structures, computational chemistry, etc. VU development is done in close collaboration with researchers from different fields.
bulletNCSA UNIX Products
bulletHierarchical Data Format (HDF)  The HDF project involves the development and support of software and file formats for scientific data management. The HDF software includes I/O libraries and tools for analyzing, visualizing, and converting scientific data. There are two HDF formats, HDF (4.x and previous releases) and HDF5.
bulletVIGIE  VIGIE (Visualisation Generale Interactive d'Ecoulements) is a software developped at INRIA for comparing the numerical results of simulations in the framework of workshops about hypersonic speed simulation and magnetic filed simulations. The software features powerful tools for the visualisation of numerical results in 1-D, 2-D and 3-D. VIGIE has been developed using X11 and Motif and run under most unices.
bulletDAVID, Data Visualization and Diagnostics




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